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Karie Mitchell allessandre at
Thu Sep 7 07:15:13 PDT 2000

Allessandra here:

I have some points to make here regarding GW meals:

1. Yes, we probably should get a truck to haul the stuff that is going to be 
used in common at Gulf War.  I really liked Mirrim's idea of "renting" space 
out in the truck, XX dollars per square foot.  That way we can allow 
individuals to put stuff in the vehicle and perhaps utilize a van (like 
Xene's, Bice's, etc.) for actually transporting bodies.

2. "Cells" - The idea behind this was to control how many people to cook 
_for_, not how many could cook.  Perhaps this is not what is needed.  We do 
need to find a way to serve approximately 100 people at the same time, in 
the same location, without shackling several poor people to the kitchen to 
do all the cleaning, preping, and serving of food.

Arabella has made a good point, if we do cells, then we have about 5 
different "kitchens" going on at once.  This was not what we were interested 
in, if I understand it correctly.  The hope is to combine resources so that 
people do not have to do as much work to prepare meals.  But we are also 
talking about possible logistical nightmare!

Here is a suggested alternative:

I think we should combine the "cells" idea with the idea of "communal" 
dining.  First - only dinners would be communal.  Everyone would contribute 
SOMETHING to this.  Each night, one of the "cells" could provide the main 
entree, with the other cells providing side dishes/desserts/drinks, EXCEPT 
the one cell who had CLEAN UP duty for that evening.

Then for breakfast and lunch (which are usually NOT cooking endeavors - 
<sorry Crandal and Llwellyn) each cell could provide to its own members 
their favorite foods, and where they want them arranged (some will need them 
at the tourney fields, others might want a sandwich back at camp, others 
might want to have ready-made for traveling around site, etc.)

Please pick this apart at your leisure.  I am hoping that from this little 
idea, perhaps better ones may follow.

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