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Xene here:

Just so you don't misunderstand,  Arabella and I are in disagreement over
this topic.  We have discussed it privately and I asked her to take this to
the lists so that other people who agree with her can voice their opinion.

Baroness Allessandre has offered a compromise solution.  It is close to what
I had suggested in the first place, but only the evening meal on Friday
being the combined effort was my idea.

Cooking for more than 40 entails having a lot more logistical problems with
storage, with equipment usage, with sanitation, and with prompt meal
delivery.  We did Ok last year, but I have been told that other groups want
to join us.  We were at Max capacity last year for the area and the
equipment that we had.  To have a kitchen that is 2-4 times the size of the
one last year will take a lot more stuff and a lot more work on those
involved.  Essentially, it will be the same as doing a feast for 100+ each

Yes, it may take a little more equipment to have the smaller kitchens do
group or "cell" dinners, but they will be hot, fresh dinners that are what
each group wants to eat.  Some of us don't like lots of pasta.  Some don't
like tons of onion and garlic.  Some want mostly plain meat and vegies.
Other people love pasta, etc.

If we kept the size of the group down to 50, yes, I think that we could do a
single kitchen.  Beyond that, I don't see that having more makes it any
better and actually makes it harder.  Yes, I'm being stubborn about it.

For those groups who haven't recieved the first episodes of this drama, I
apologize.  I should have sent it out previously.

Thank you for your patience,


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So are you saying that each cell have their own kitchen?.........I promise
we won't have room for that. Every cell would need to store their own food
for a week (i.e. storage space in their personal tent), they'd need their
own tables for cooking at least 2 per cell (everybody would have to bring
extra tables for cooking then have at least 2 to eat at), their own cooking

So in a sense you're saying for any given dinner there would be 5 meals
being cooked at the same time using equipment that is duplicated multiple
times.  Not to mention that the duplicating equipment would not be able to
be transported by the group truck because it's not for the whole groups use.
I promise I don't want to have to carry all the stuff I did last year.

Then what's the point of going in with anybody for food?  You'd be spending
more money, you'd be in the kitchen at least once a day, and doing all the
work every day.  I'd rather eat out.

If you're cooking for the whole group you'd at least have a day or two off
before you'd have to do anything again.

What does it take to be prepared to cook for 100?  If the pots and pans are
already there in the common kitchen the only thing to prepare is the food
and if you plan the meal well then it's not a problem.

So are you saying that what we did last year didn't work?

As far as I saw the only thing that didn't work was Bjorn's friends were
assigned clean up one meal and they didn't come to the War.  Do you remember
something else?


Tinothy of Glastonbury said:
> I believe you are missing the point of Xene's cell suggestion.  She is
> suggesting that each cell organize and feed only their own cell, not the
> WHOLE group.  Most people simply are not prepared to cook for 100, it
> completely different planning than cooking for 20, or even 50.
> I think the idea of cells cooking just for cells, but using a common
> area and such is a very good idea.  It allows people with common food
> restrictions and the like to gather, and allows those who like to eat
> or late also to group.

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