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Thu Sep 7 11:41:16 PDT 2000

On the matter of a 'Central Regional' Meals Plan for Gulf War X :

As I see all the proposals, we have the following basic building blocks of
ideas floating around :

	* Communal Meals or Communal Dining Area or Mix
	* Communal Kitchen or Several Kitchens (3-6)
	* Truck Rental (drivers, costs, etc)
	* Pavilions

The following are other issues dealt with in past years that must be
considered before we are done but are not priority issues now :

	* How to reasonably control Hospitality so that everyone who is part
of the meal still gets food.

'Elfsea Only' Concerns :
	* How to feed Iron Lance

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What follows after this line is now opinion :
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Communal Dining Area & Several Kitchens :
  I am in favor of a Communal Dining Area, rather than Communal Meals.  This
allows tremendous amount of flexibility to go with the flow of the what
people want, while still gaining the advantage of pooling resources.

  Understand that I consider the Communal Dinning Area an essential part of
this concept.  I want to be able to sit down with my friends, whether in my
'cell' or not, and eat.  Just because they are eating pasta and I am eating
BBQ makes no difference.

I would also like to comment on the pressure of involvement by using small
cells.  Whenever the planning meetings were being run for last year we had
perhaps 15 people show up of the 40+ that were involved at that point.
Small Cells require people to BE INVOLVED if they wish to participate, and I
very much like that.

  Cells also provide food when you want it.  Last year Elfsea ran a very
successful kitchen, my lady and I cooked one of the meals.  Still, of the 50
that were supposed to be eating, for our meal /maybe/ 30 showed up for that
meal before we opened it to all of Ansteorra (and I still only cooked a
little over half the pasta I brought).  This is because not everyone was
ready to eat Friday Night at 6:00.  They were still out shopping and other
such things.

These are my ideas of what is before 'us' and how I feel about the major

Timothy of Glastonbury
Cook and Helper
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