GL - "Official" populace numbers

Susan Carol Tribble susant at
Fri Sep 8 07:51:52 PDT 2000

Sir Burke has updated the populace counts for the Kingdom.  I would like
to point out Glaslyn's numbers here:

(as of) 12/31/1998 - 22
(as of) 12/31/1999 - 2
(as of) 6/31/2000 - 11

And a wonderful group of 11 we have!  Actually I think we have more (i.e.
David and I got a family membership, not realizing our Canton would get a
count of "1" for the both of us...)

I'm looking forward to seeing the growth in numbers next year.  We have a
great group of people in our Canton and we are getting bigger - with 
wonderful people.

If you are interested in seeing the numbers for the rest of the Kingdom,
the website is:



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