GL - Re: Glaslyn's fighter practice/ (David's Rapier?)

G.R.Rhine grrhine at
Mon Sep 11 04:50:55 PDT 2000

Since I haven't seen another post by Lord David, I can't guarantee 
that this will clear up the message about his practice. However, it 
does sound as though his intention is to have rapier practice during 
Glaslyn's regularly scheduled fighter practice.... If that is the case, 
then the following should help. If not, well come to Glaslyn anyway, 
cuz we're a lot of fun!

Fighter practice, in Glaslyn, is on Monday evenings at Northlakes 
Park. Our calendar (as well as a link to the map) can be found at 

To clear up other points:

David de la Roke said:
> > Directions are (from Dallas or Ft Worth) take I35 north to
> >University in Denton turn right on to University when you come to
> >Bonnie Bra (land mark is K-mart on left) turn left the park will be
> >on your left about a mile.

Once you turn left on Bonnie Brae, the park is up the road, on your 
right. Prior to reaching the soccer fields (you should be able to see 
them), you will turn right onto Windsor (which runs through the 
middle of the park). Once on Windsor, keep your eyes open for a 
small parking lot, up the street a little way (I'm not sure of the 
exact distance) on the left. I believe there is a playground (possibly 
some baseball diamonds) close to that parking lot, and you should 
be able to see something of them from the road.

	Hope this helps, or something.


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