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Sun Sep 17 16:38:46 PDT 2000

Greetings from Lord and Lady Steppes,
It is with happy hearts that we announce the reformation of the Steppes
Baronial Guard.  We will be installing the first new members of the
Baronial Guard at the upcoming Steppes Fall Court.
It has been some time since the Guard was active, and we want all of you
to understand what the Baronial Guard will be about during our tenure,
of whom it will be comprised, and the responsibilities of the Guard

The Steppes Guard will be comprised of heavy and light weapons fighters,
archers, and equestrians.  We will also include artisans, and the most
important defenders of this or any land, children.  The Guard will be
made up of people who keep the honor of the Steppes dear to their
hearts, and who will defend our homeland against slander, subterfuge,
and malign, and against attack if neccessary (though we work and pray
for peace unceasingly).
The Guard will be the personal defense of ourselves, and our Guests.
They will be part of our entourage, and be responsible for the care of
the Baronial Property at events where the Barony is formally or
ceremonially represented.  They will have the honor of standing in
Court, and of serving us all as beacons of chivalrous and courteous
behavior, representing the best of what the Steppes is about.

While these duties are largely ceremonial, and intended as a means of
honoring those who are true to the Steppes, Guard membership is not
without real resonsibility.  We would ask that those who accept Guard
membership be able to travel from time to time when we visit neighboring
baronies in an official capacity (though we do not expect every Guard
member to attend every out of town event); that they accept
resonsibility for helping our ladies in waiting to prepare the Baronial
Pavillion and its regalia; and most importantly, that they be prepared
to lead this Barony by example.

We plan to reinstall the Guard once a year after a full company has been
selected, but we will not limit individuals to a term of one year,
should they wish to continue to serve.  The Baronial Guard will enjoy
the privelege of specific regalia denoting their honored status.  The
Guard will choose its Captain, who will be responsible for leading their

We ask that those who wish to be considered for Guard membership please
speak to us regarding your desire.  You may contact us by telephone,
email, letter, or in person. Please let us know whether you plan to
attend Fall Court.


Fritz      Catrin
Baron    Baroness

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