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On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Lady Simone wrote:

> Greeting Glaslyn,
> I had the privledge to Be one of the marshals for the newcomer Chivalric
> tourney at Ravensfort. the winner of which is Champion for the Baroness of
> Ravensfort over the next year.  The Winner of this tourney Showed
> Exceptional skill and prowess on the field. Each Opponet he met with Honor,
> Courage and Grace on the feild. He was a fine example of Chivalry and
> civility.
> He Brought fame to The canton of Glaslyn By his actions and deeds on and off
> the field.  His skill and manner speaks highly of the men Aeriklee takes to
> train, and into service.
> For the Winner of the Newcomes tourney in Ravensfort, who will be the
> champion of Ravensfort's Baroness is none other than your own Cyniric
> I feel very honored to have had the opertunity to be one of the marshals of
> this tourney and to see the fine display of martial ability. Viate and well
> done Cyniric
> Lady Simone
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