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Wed Sep 20 07:55:57 PDT 2000

Greetings to all,
Catrin here.  I am acting on behalf of the Equestrian Guild in a plea
for help.  As the Steppes Equestrian Guild is the de facto host for the
King's Lancer tourney at Elfsea Defender this weekend, it has become
incumbent upon us to provide several items with which to run the
We need first some information from those who know (Borek, Isabel, and
those who saved the Steppes property from Warlord's list field this
year) what condition are the previous baronial pavilions, used for
the list mistresses and water bearers?  What items would be needed to
repair them?  Secondly, in what condition are the *old* baronial
pavilions, the small square ones with, as I recall, the "40-foot "
poles  (Not used at Warlord this year, but one was used in '99)?  What
items would be needed to make them really useful?
Secondly, we need some repair help.  Fritz and I are swamped, and the
leaders of the Equestrian Guild are as well.  We need a kind soul with
tools and skills who can come to the baronial storage today or tomorrow,
help us unearth the property in question and help decide on the most
efficient route to repairing them, and then do it.
Thirdly, we need someone who can commit to taking said pavilions, some
of the new baronial list poles, three baronial tables, and perhaps the
new baronial pavilion to the site early enough on Friday that the Guild
crew (and whoever else is kind enough to help) can set these things up.
Then bring it all back on Sunday ( I will be alone on Sunday, as Fritz
has mundane work commitments and will be leaving site very early in the
This can all be done by one Herculean person, or by several who can
coordinate their efforts.  We don't care--just that it gets done!   : )

If you please, good citizens, help the Steppes show ourselves to our
best advantage at Elfsea's Defender by donating a little time and effort
in our moment of need. Please respond to this list, my private email, or
to my home phone (214-821-1223) as soon as possible.  Thank you very

Lady Steppes
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