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Thu Sep 21 06:41:15 PDT 2000

Greetings Everyone:

I hope everyone is enjoying their break this month.  As you know, 
in December we will be hosting the Ladies of the Rose Tournament 
(Isn't this what is called?), we will, hopefully, be have our 
permanent event in the Spring, and next year we will have our 
College/A&S tournament.

I have a proposal for some A&S/Canton Bonding Activities for the 
upcoming months.  I propose that we get together and make 
devices/banners and other things that we will need for these 
events.  (I.E. wouldn't it be nice to be able to display our device at 
the Ladies of the Rose Tournament?)

Here's SOME ideas on things that we could make:
1) Banners with our Canton device
2) Table cloths or runners with our device on the front or end
3) Hangings with pictures of people "doing things" (i.e. fighting, 
walking around conversing, etc.)
4) Banners with personal devices

If agreeable to the rest of the Canton, here's how I think we could 
handle this:

In October:
1) October's Moot (October 18) we get together and decide which 
project we want to do first (I propose making a banner with our 
Canton and/or device and some table cloths.  We can use these at 
the upcoming Ladies of the Rose Tournament)
2) Have our A&S Activity on Sunday, October 29 (this will give us 
enough time before hand to get the materials together)

In order to prepare for our Canton pot-luck luncheon at the 
Tournament in December, Lady Magdalena has agreed to teach 
our A&S activity.   Her topic is "Easy Period Pot-Luck Dishes".  
(Date to be announced later)

*Sunday, December 3 our A&S Activity would be to finish up what 
we have going and need for the Ladies of the Rose Tournament.

In the upcoming months we could hold additional Activities to finish 
up our projects.

How does this fit into A&S you ask?  Easy, we have heraldry,  
sewing and painting involved.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on this?  Remember, this is 
YOUR canton, I'm just here to help organize things.

I would appreciate any feedback as soon as possible.  If we agree 
to this, I need to get the room reserved.

Yours in Service,
Lady Lavina del Bakhous
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Canton of Glaslyn

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