ANST-Announce - Estrella 17 Children's Center needs a Wall!

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Sat Sep 23 16:18:41 PDT 2000

Good Gentles,

words from the Estrella 17 Children's Steward. I am including the complete 
text, as to try and write a small discriptive blurb of the gist of the 
message would have ended up longer than the article.

I thank thee for thy patience in this Matter,


For Immediate Release:  Feel free to crosspost!

Greetings to all and sundry, from the Estrella War XVII Children's

I wish to beg a boon from as many Kingdoms, Baronies, Cantons, Shires,
and others who will be participating in the 2001 Estrella War
festivities, especially those that are supportive of youth issues.  Next 
year the Children's Center will be bigger and better than ever, and is 
planning attendance, over four days, to be well over 300.

With such a large expectation, I'd like to do something a little
different and actually surround the Children's Center Complex with a
physical barrier to delineate our space, and draw attention to our

This being said, I need to construct a perimeter "fence" of sorts which can 
be made, hauled, set-up, and used again, while keeping my small allocation 
of funds in check.  Further, the size of the Estrella War Children's Center 
is approximately 8000 square feet, so this is also a factor in my plans.

What I propose to do is ask anyone who can make a commitment of
procuring 10 feet of 35 inch wide light weight material, such as muslin, and 
decorate it in any way that is pleasing to the group, to be donated to my 
office before January 15, 2001.  The idea here is to get as many groups who 
can accomplish such a task to involve the youth in their area in the 
designing and decorating of their piece of the wall.  When completed, I hope 
it will be something akin to a glorious Bayeaux Tapestry.

Some suggested designs could include the following:

Latin phrases, mythological creatures, medieval themed scenes, heraldic 
devices, children's handprints etc. . .

If you feel you, and/or the members in your groups, can make such a
commitment, please contact me before October 31, 2000 to discuss the

Offered in humble service, I am,

Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile
Atenveldt Kingdom Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences for Youth Issues
Estrella War Children's Steward
wren at
480) 844-3882 - Home (before 9:00 pm)

Visit the Estrella War Website at for more
information regarding the activities that will be offered.

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