GL - A&S Workshops - take 2

Susan Brockington susanb at
Wed Sep 27 07:31:53 PDT 2000

Greetings Everyone:

Since we did not get the bid for the tournament hosted by Duchess 
Larissa and the Ladies of the Rose, my proposed A&S workshop is 
now a moot point.

What A&S workshops do you want for October?  I have had 1 
person asking for a Chater Painting 101, anything else?  Do you 
still want another  Leatherworkshop?  If so, I can check with 
Honorable Lady Tanwyn, but I think she's booked for awhile.  OR, 
we can go back to my original idea of getting things ready for our 
permanent event.

I'm open here.  Let me know as soon as possible.  I need to get 
this thing going and contact people to teach the class, arrange for 
materials, etc. etc. (book the hall...)

Also, even thought I have "officially" only been A&S minister since 
August, I've been the (unoffiicial) A&S minister for the Canton for 
over a year.  Eventually I would like to turn this over to someone 
else.  Not that I don't enjoy this job and not that I'm going to step 
down soon, however...  I'm looking for a deputy.  Any volunteers?  
(WOW!  Look at all of those raised hands!)


Yours in Service,
Lady Lavina

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