ANST-Announce - Bids for Coronation & Queens Champion

Ladyarabella ladyarabella at
Wed Sep 27 13:49:25 PDT 2000

Greetings to all of you,

This is just a reminder: I have not received any bids for Coronation at this
time.  Master Richard was asking for each region to put together a bid for
Coronation.  This year could be an interesting one because in Texas the
following Monday is a school holiday.

I also haven't gotten a bid for Queen's Champion at this time.  Remember
these are Kingdom events and do not go against your groups number of allowed
events on the Kingdom Calendar.

Look around your area, the following ideas are what to look for Coronation:
a site to seat 500 people is a good one,
indoors is preferable,
a kitchen is preferable but not necessary, (kitchens can be constructed
good parking is a necessity,
camping is not necessary,
meeting rooms is a plus,
a stage is a plus,
a sound system is a plus but not necessary,
tables and chairs are also a plus.

What can your group come up with?

January 2001
(1st New Year's Day)
5-7 Steppes 12th Night - Steppes (Dallas, TX)
12-14 Coronation - TBA
15th Martin Luther King Day
19-21 Winterkingdom - Northkeep (Tulsa,OK)
Siege of the Abbey - Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX)
26-27 Queens Champion - TBA

Lady Arabella de Montacute
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for the Kingdom Calendar

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