[Glaslyn] Re: Baronial Work Night

Ron Hardy rhemail at swbell.net
Wed Aug 1 07:12:35 PDT 2001

Thank you Nuala for noticing,

The baronial work nights are scheduled for the Thursday after business
meetings and the Tuesday after populace meetings. We canceled the work
night for last night because we needed to attend an Artisan meeting. And,
to answer your question, there will not be an official work night tomorrow.


lizdenpeters at juno.com wrote:

> According to the Steppes Letter, tomorrow is Baronial Work Night.  Last
> night I received an e-mail stating that Work Night was cancelled.  Was
> this for Tuesday, 07/31/01?  Or is the one scheduled in the Steppes
> letter for 08/02/01 cancelled as well?
> Please advise.
> Nuala

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