[Glaslyn] Re: [Steppes] Garb Workshop Aug 4

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Wed Aug 1 14:39:31 PDT 2001

One more reminder,

Also, if you have washable fabrics that shrink (especially cotton), don't
forget to wash them beforehand and dry them on hot -- you want them
preshrunk before you start cutting out the pieces.


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>Subject: [Steppes] Garb Workshop Aug 4
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>Don't forget that the garb workshop is this Saturday,
>Aug. 4 starting noonish. We will have refreshments and
>garb and generally a good time.
>Feel free to bring by any problem pieces you have for
>help. I'm also looking forward to seeing some examples
>of well made garb from our more experienced friends
>out there.
>My address is 2115 El Dorado Way in Carrollton.
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