[Glaslyn] Ansteorra-announce and Central@ansteorra.org

chiara@mail.io.com chiara at mail.io.com
Mon Aug 6 11:25:30 PDT 2001

Ansteorra-announce and Central at ansteorra.org are both accounts that we can send information to if we want it sent out to all the lists at one time.

Central is for the lists that cover central texas, i.e. Elfsea, Glaslyn, Lindenwood, Steppes, etc. The Ansteorra-announce one is global.

There is no need to cc all the lists, just send it to Central for all of us, and Ansteorra-announce for the rest of the kingdom. BlackOak keep and Rosenfeld are the only two that I think are not on ansteorra.org yet.

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