[Glaslyn] October Persona Workshop

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Fri Aug 10 12:24:15 PDT 2001

Oh no!!  Crown Tourney!!??  You know, Mahdi is fighting with the intent to
win!!!  He won Steppes Warlord this year and the King's champion tourney at
Coronation.  He's really going strong and he wants to be Ansteorran King at
the next Gulf Wars!!  Arghhhh!!!  I was really Jonesed about the Persona
Workshop, but if there's a conflict ... :/

HL Gabrielle

" Le Bonheur est une trajectoire et non une destination.
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>Did you know Chris is being ordained 10/27?
>Did you know the weekend we chose for Persona Workshop is Crown Tourney?
>I'm going to ask at Populace next week how many would choose to go CT over
>the workshop, just to make sure we don't lose our entire audience.  If we
>'lose', is there a possibility that you'd be coming up for Chris'
>Ordination, and could teach it then?
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