[Glaslyn] Lindenwood/Glaslyn Archery Practice Schedule & Times

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Mon Aug 13 15:17:07 PDT 2001

Sorry to say, 6 p.m. practices shut Lisa out with school starting.  Have
fun, and we'll see you in other places.


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> Yesterday Aug 12 was officially Lindenwood's day marshalling the field.
>  Thanks to those of you who could make it.
> The following is a schedule of weekends.  Bear in mind that changes will
> made on an as needed basis.
> Aug 19 - Glaslyn - cancelled because of Lughnasad (please join us there!)
> Aug 26 - Lindenwood
> Sep 2 - Glaslyn
> Sep 9 - Lindenwood
> Sep 16 - Glaslyn
> Sep 23 - Lindenwood
> Sep 30 - Glaslyn
> That should be enough for now.  Again, changes will be made to this as
> needed, i.e. for events, etc.
> Archery practice has been starting at 11 A.M. on Sunday mornings.
> a decision was made yesterday (and I haven't talked to Lothair yet, so I
> only speak for Lindenwood weekends at this moment) to move archery
> to 6 P.M. due to the extreme heat.  There will still be plenty of light at
> this time but it should be somewhat cooler.  Until notice is received from
> Lothair, Glaslyn's archery practice will continue at 11 A.M. on Sunday
> mornings.
> This should also allow any Steppes archers who want to, to come practice a
> second time at the McInnish practice.
> We welcome all archers who want to show - the more the merrier!!
> Margarite
> Acting Lindenwood Archery Marshal
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