[Glaslyn] Steppes Artisan

Ron Hardy rhemail at swbell.net
Mon Aug 20 21:54:37 PDT 2001

Greetings to the populace of Steppes,
We wish to congratulate you on another lovely and successful Steppes
Artisan, and to thank the good gentles who made the event possible with
their loyal service.

Congratulations and a hearty "Vivat!" to Isobel Grace Hadleigh, our
newest Titled Artisan!  We look forward to having her represent the
Steppes for the coming year.  Many thanks to HL Gala Cunningham, our
outgoing Artisan, for her faithful service to our Barony.

Our thanks to Ly. Conal for her good work as the event steward, and to
Baroness Alys for the splendid feast.  Thanks to Ld. John for running
gate, and to Ly. Elspeth for tending to our Trimaran guests, and to Sir
Miguel for providing lunch for the judges and guests. We wish to
acknowledge with gratitude those who showed up to help set up the event;

HE Aine, Ld. Alisdair, Ly. Margarite,  Ld. Iames, Guy Jin San, Ly.
Alienor, HE Sara Penrose and Ly. Matilda.  Your service to the Steppes
is  invaluable.   The same goes to all those good folks who stayed to
help take down the event, who cooked, cleaned and served dinner.

Their Majesties allowed us to bestow several awards in Their names
during their travel to Pennsic, and we were was very pleased to
present the following well-deserved awards:

To Alienor Lewelyn, Iames Lochlainn, Fionnuala of Arkham, the Award of

To Ly. Chiara Francesca d'Onofrio, the Sable Thistle of Ansteorra in

We look forward to a relaxing weekend in October, when we can all play
together at Fall Court.  Please visit other events throughout the
Kingdom as well, as it will be an exciting Fall tourney season!  We will

be travelling a great deal in the next few months--safe travels to all!

For Steppes,

Fritz and Catrin
Lord and Lady Steppes

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