[Glaslyn] Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

Richard Culver rbculver at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 21 10:08:17 PDT 2001

>Kom heil og sael!
>I have been wanting to go see "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga", the
>Smithsonian exhibit currently at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I
>know it is short notice, but Labor Day Weekend is just the weekend after
>next, and seems to me would be a perfect time to get together a group to
>make the trek southwards to this exhibit. This is a four+plus hour
>drive... an overnight stay somewhere is recommended so that there is no
>need to rush through the exhibit with travel-dazed eyes.

   Well if anyone is desperate, they can hang out at my place.  I have very
little furniture, but plenty of space and hospitality to offer.  Just e-mail
me or call 281.837.1454.  My neighborhood is not the best but I am left
alone. :)  I think that is the weekend I am planning on going as well.  I
figure it might be worth bonus points for my Viking Age history class.


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