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This is the weekend of the Gothic War isn't it?
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Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 11:44 AM
Subject: [Glaslyn] Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

>Kom heil og sael!
>I have been wanting to go see "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga", the
>Smithsonian exhibit currently at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I
>know it is short notice, but Labor Day Weekend is just the weekend after
>next, and seems to me would be a perfect time to get together a group to
>make the trek southwards to this exhibit. This is a four+plus hour
>drive... an overnight stay somewhere is recommended so that there is no
>need to rush through the exhibit with travel-dazed eyes.
>Tickets for the exhibit are $10 for adult, $3 for child. However, there is
>a discount for groups of 20+. The ticket price is then $8 each. This
>includes general admission to the museum's other main exhibit halls and
>the tickets are timed for entry every 15 minutes to the Viking
>Exhibit. Advanced reservations are very much recommended.
>The museum is open Monday - Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 11-6. There is a
>McDonald's in the Museum proper. There is a parking garage at $3 per
>If anyone is interested on going this Labor Day weekend, please contact me
>asap. I would like to make reservations by Wednesday, August
>29. Carpooling would be an excellent idea to save gas and parking
>costs. Gas prices are sure to rise that weekend. Carpooling also means
>that we might be able to start out early am Saturday and return that same
>day without the need for an overnight stay, as the driving could then be
>If you would like to participate, let me know your thoughts on the matter!
>Lady Sunnifa Eiriksdottir
>Herald, Canton of Lindenwood
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