[Glaslyn] Re: [Steppes] Re: [Lindenwood] Fwd: RE: Joanne Shield is missing

Centurion Almarr Bjarnklö bjarnklo at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 03:53:49 PDT 2001

  I am the person she stayed with when she came here.  I talked to Jerome
about 10-14 days ago.  They moved to the Dallas/Irving area.  Her cell phone
number is 214-497-1647 but it is out of service.  Last I knew Jerome was
looking for work and Joanne was supporting them.  I do not know where they
were living at, but they were to call me soon.
  When I go home tonight I can get the name of the place she was working at,
and maybe the phone number as its just a couple blocks from my house.


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