[Glaslyn] Brewing with grains TODAY!

Jann Mays hlgabrielle at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 2 13:35:49 PST 2001

(As per the request of Lord Jon Rolfsson, he asked me to send out this
reminder - Gabrielle.)

The Loose Association of Brewers is having their somewhat irregularly
scheduled ale brewing activity TODAY at the home of Jon and Gabrielle.

This session was announced a few weeks ago and needs some reminding.  Though
it was scheduled to start at 2PM, the brew is just starting to boil and
still has several hours ahead of it for those who would like to join us at
the last minute.  We have two guests so far and would like others to come by
and watch and learn how to brew from grains.  The items on the agenda are a
grain beer and a mead.

We are located at 2001 Cedarwood, located between Frankfurt and highway 190
(Bush Turnpike).  Our neighborhood is east of Josey Lane closest to 190.

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