[Glaslyn] What's happening in the Steppes?

Jann Mays hlgabrielle at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 5 10:28:57 PST 2001

Greetings Your Excellencies, Guild Heads and Canton officers!

If you will send me some "teasers" for upcoming guild meetings and revels in
the area, I can forward them to our newcomers that may not be on the mailing
list yet.  This way, we can reallly warm them up with our hospitality.

You may send descriptions of what you will be doing in your guild this
month, with dates and directions, to me directly, or if you post them on the
Steppes mail list, I will forward them to the newcomer list from there.

HL Gabrielle Honorée de Saint Pierre
Steppes Hospitaler

" Le Bonheur est une trajectoire et non une destination.
ALORS : Travaille comme si tu n'avais pas besoin d'argent.
Aime comme si jamais personne ne t'avait fait souffrir.
ET Danse comme si personne ne te regardait !! "

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