[Glaslyn] Sing-along rescheduled to January

Jann Mays hlgabrielle at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 08:50:26 PST 2001

Greetings All!

Well, the sing-along scheduled for December 21st didn't quite work out, so
we're going to try it in January.

Following reasons:
1. Suzanna (who was hosting) has had a crisis at home and will not be
available, but I have had another offer (with piano) for Friday, January the
2. The announcement didn't make it to the SteppesLetter in time for the
printing. Neither did the song related article. I'll save it for the January
3. Everyone seems to be in a Christmas-y, Carole-y spirit right now, so it
would be just the SCA songs in the mini bardbook if we can do it in January.
4. There was confusion as to whether it was going to be bumped by Populace.
The date for Populace is still Thursday, December 20th.

So, as soon as I have definite confirmation, I will send out the date and


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