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susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Tue Dec 18 06:45:17 PST 2001

Lord Lothair:

Speaking as a member of the populace here (and not Seneschal), as many of you
know, I have been interested in archery every since I have been in the SCA
(about 5 years now).

Last year at Christmas, Santa even gifted me with a target and handmade bow.
Lord Fearghus made me some arrows painted them in my colors.

My biggest problems are (in no particular order):

1.  Sunday's are bad for me.  By the time we get home from church and eat lunch,
it is well past Daniel's nap time.  By the time he wakes up, it's 3:00 in the
afternoon.  By the time we pack up and get there, fighter practice is almost
over (doesn't it end somewhere around 4:00?)

2.  Even if I attended and ask David watch Daniel (which I guess I could do) it
would still be 2:30-3:00 before I could get there.

3.  One weeknight would be okay, but right now it gets dark way too early so
nights would be a bad time right now.

It would be nice if we could hold archery and fighter practice at the same time
and place.  However, anywhere in the City limits of Denton seems impossible
since most places don't allow archery.

When Afan, Llew and I first reactivated the Canton, I spent alot of time on the
phone trying to find a site in Denton in which to hold archery practice.  I had
no luck finding any place (affordable) around here.

Unfortunately, I am of no help and I'm one that wants archery almost as much as
you Lord Lothair.

I'm open to suggestions here too.  A thought would be to keep it the way it
is, and then when it gets lighter later, try and move archery practice to one
night a week and archery practice one night a week.

I appreciate the fact that you have stepped up to be our archery marshall.  Your
efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Unfortunately, just like everyone else in the
SCA, there's just too much to do in the SCA and, so little time to get it all

Lady Lavina

Quoting Lothair Wildehaar <rampanthare at yahoo.com>:

> Greetings unto the populace of our fair canton.
> Since July 22nd I have been trying diligently to be
> available for archery practice. But it pains me to say
> that I've not seen much of Glaslyns populace on the
> field.
> I ask now, what must I do?
> I am open to any suggestion, be it time or day change.
> The only field I know of is McInnish. But if I can
> find a place more convenient, I will.
> Please send any suggestions, I'm open and listening.
> Your humble servant,
> Ld. Lothar Wildehaer
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