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Susan Brockington ladylavina at email.com
Sun Dec 30 11:27:28 PST 2001

Greetings Glaslynders:

For all of those of you who did not make the Yule Revel last night, you missed a truly enjoyable and relaxing time.  Thanks to Lady Capricia and Lord Sebastian for bringing a most entertaining game !

I would like to welcome Seamus and Aurelia to Glaslyn!  Seamus and Aurelia have just moved here from Arlington where they were both very active with the College of Three Bridges.  Also, welcome Jennifer.  We hope to see all of you again at our future activities.

Our next meeting will be our regularly scheduled business meeting.  Since business meeting falls on the day after New Years Day, I made the decision to hold business meeting on January 9.  We will meet at the Visual Arts Center at 7:30.

The main piece of business that I plan on bringing up is "The Vision of Glaslyn".  I would like to set some goals and objectives for our Canton  which we can try accomplish over the next year.  Remember, this is YOUR canton, so I encourage you to try and make the meeting if at all possible.

A PARTIAL agenda is as follows:

1.  What we want to try and accomplish as a Canton over the next year.

2.  Where we want to hold our meetings.

3.  Possibly holding a Kingdom Level Event this year.

4.  Some "Canton Bonding" projects and activities (like the one we had on December 29th!).

Also, as discussed at our last meeting, the rental rates on the Visual Arts Center have increased.  For those of you who are interested, the new  rental rates for the building are as follows:

$135/year - this allows us to meet 2 times a month with no free use of the main hall.

$250/year - this allows us to meet up to 2 times per week with 1 four hour free rental on the main hall on a weekday only.

$350/year - this allows us to meet up to 4 times a week and 1 four hour free rental on the main hall on a weekday or weekend.

For your reference, last year we paid $135 for the year with 1 time a week usage and a 1 four hour free rental of the main hall.

I urge you to think about the Canton and what you would like to see us do over the next year.  So bring your thoughts, ideas and join us on January 9.

In Serivce to the Canton,
Lady Lavina del Bakhous, Seneschal,
Canton of Glaslyn


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