[Glaslyn] A & S site

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Thu Jun 7 20:26:17 PDT 2001

Well, here's the Cox family's take on tonight's site tours, for anyone that
wants it:

We (Sebastian, Lavina, David Cox, Little Daniel, and i) visited the Masonic
Lodge in Krum.  In many ways, it's a good site.  First, it's cheap!  There
are four small(er) classrooms,  three of them upstairs.  On the ground floor
is the restrooms, one of the classrooms, and a larger hall and kitchen.  Out
on the lawn, we could possibly put up at least one pavillion if we had a
mind to (no real shade otherwise). Parking is basically on-street, except
that it's a very quiet street on weekends in summer. No indoor place for
dancing beyond the same hall where the A&S exhibit and food would be.
Certainly acceptable, although it would take a good amount of work in
switching the hall around between A&S exhibits and food service.

Then, because Lavina was being kind, we visited St. David's church.  Renting
the entire facility would cost a multiple of the Lodge.  But there is a very
large room plus several smaller classrooms and a good-sized kitchen, not to
mention plenty of room on the lawn for whatever and a huge non-street
parking area. The large room could be used for dancing, but has a concrete
floor. Also quite acceptable, roomier, and would need concerted physical
effort to set up and then return to the way the church keeps it.

Not speaking for anyone whose name is not Cox, we feel that the church,
while more expensive, would be the better choice of site.  Naturally,
whatever the Autocrat decides, we will give whatever help and support we can
muster to the success of the Artisan of the Flame.


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