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Sun Jun 10 21:23:28 PDT 2001

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Greetings unto the populaces of the Canton of Glaslyn and the Canton of

There has been talk of the cantons doing Kingdom A&S together. Lady Katya has
talked to the Canton of Glaslyn about the prospect. The Canton of Lindenwood
has discussed this already amongst ourselves, just not with Lady Katya yet.

We would like for both cantons to get together and discuss this amongst
ourselves. The question I pose is when would be a good time for both groups
to get together?

1. Glaslyn's Monday night fighter practice in Denton.
2. Lindenwood's Tuesday night fighter practice in Irving.
3. Glaslyn's Wednesday night populace meeting on June 20th in Denton.
4. Lindenwood's Saturday morning populace meeting on June 23rd before
Midsummer's Masked Ball

I think this would be a great opportunity for both cantons and I look forward
to hearing your responses.

In Service,
Lady Adriana Hambleton

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