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Charlene Lockhart ladysharlyne2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 01:32:34 PDT 2001

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To all my friends and family ... Greetings

I am quite well...had a wonderful flight and enjoying the start of a wonderful new life....have moved my flight up to Sept 12 to come back to give us time and if all goes as it is ...I won't be returning then.... :-)

Keeping my new laird and 5 bairns happy is the mainstay of my life for now....and life is wonderful....

Lady Afan.....I know now the feeling of that "Lottery Look"....ladies....picture Pierce Brosnon only a wee bit shorter.... and a wonderful man.... :-)

No need for my Glaslyn/Loch Ruadh Brothers and Cousins to lift their Claymores....I am quite fine....

I will remain on Glaslyn and Loch Ruadh lists to keep up with all..... and

and this scotsman needs no sheep ;-)

love to all of you,

Sharlyne Lockhart of Glaslyn

contact me at:  ladysharlyne2000 at yahoo.com

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