[Glaslyn] RE: Joan is here

Theresa Wyatt teebyrd at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 29 18:38:24 PDT 2001

    Greetings Glaslyn,

    After several e-mail and phone calls today on my whereabouts  I,
Joan the corner sitter,
    thought I would update you all. I have been very busy dealing with
medical related problems
    due to the accident and continuing education units for my therapist
license over the last 3 weeks.

    Thank you all for calling and caring so much, it is nice to have
such affection in my life.
    New members, I am gald to hear we have grown. Welcome our Canton is
    I will see you all at the A&S open night on Monday.

    On a side note, I will not be putting in a bid for A&S, due to
possible future surgery.
    I will serve if wanted by the new A&S Minister, should they so

    In Service,

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