[Glaslyn] Fwd: Help requested

M. Peet ceinwenswan at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 23 08:58:31 PDT 2001

Greetings Glaslyners,
I am forwarding this message from Cyniric.
In service,
>Wesath ge hal!
>     I try not to be so intrusive into people's lives, but I do have a
>small favor to ask of the populace, those who may be able to help.
>    Without going into great detail (imagine that), I will be coming back
>to Denton this week, either Wednesday or Thursday, after things have fallen
>apart down here for me in Stargate.  What I would like to ask is, are there
>people who can afford a piece of backyard for me to pitch my tent and give
>me access to a shower.
>    I do not want to take anything freely (and I mean it). So I will ask
>that I be given chores to do so I can work off whatever inconvenience I may
>be.  I am trained as a custodian, so I can clean, can do yard work, and
>mostly anything else.  I am also willing to given my time to tutoring in
>whatever field SCA-wise on can make use of be it language or research.
>    My money from the truck accident might be in by Thanksgiving, so
>whatever stay I need should be short.  If not I can stay at my dad's during
>that time.
>    I will see most of you soon.
>Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding Wulfiricinga,
>waepnathegn Wulfes

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