[Glaslyn] Feast at Fall Court

GeekGrrl geekgrrl at geekgrrl.org
Thu Oct 25 14:51:38 PDT 2001

Kom heil og sael!

Unto all Good Gentles within range of these words does Lady Sunnifa
Eiriksdottir send greetings, on behalf of herself, Jacques the Spink, and
the entire hard-working staff of this year's Feast, mentored by our own
Lady Steppes, Baroness Catrin.

We have planned a marvelous menu for your enjoyment, a feast truly fit for
the Mighty of Asgard! Be sure to procure your place at the board to enjoy
the savory dishes we will prepare for you in true Viking style, over an
open fire!

However, we are still in need of volunteers to help with the preparations
and serving of this delicious repast. Several persons have already stepped
forward, and we thank you heartily! If you wish to offer your help, please
email me at ladysunnifa at yahoo.com or call at 972-432-8945 and leave a
brief message... or just come over to the cook fire, and we will gladly
put you to work! Please bring a pair of ovenmitts, and natural-fiber
clothing is strongly recommended if you have it, since we are dealing with
open fire. Synthetic fibers will melt, possibly to -you-, if an accident

An incredients list will be made available to those with dietary concerns.

Thank you!
Lady Sunnifa Eiriksdottir

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