[Glaslyn] Defender of the Flame

Richard Culver rbculver at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 26 15:10:15 PDT 2001


    Yep, the first choice is the weekend right after Elfsea Spring Fair.  I
would personally not want to have it that close to another Central Region
event.  For one thing people might want to spread out their event schedule
(I know I would miss one or the other maintaining my visitation schedule).
Also if Elfsea gets travellers from place further than our area, which they
will, those same people may not want to travel a second weekend in a row to
come to ours, which for me would bluntly suck.  Everything for the second
weekend is much further south, (Whereas Tempio is only a little further past
Emerald Keep in Waco) that we could feasibly pull a good number from the
Northern Region, and from the Upper Western Region.
    This is what the logistics boils down to with me.  I know not everyone
can be happy, so I can go with anything.  I will probably shoot myself for
it, but I might be willing to autocrat or co-autocrat once we get the wheels
going. :) (As if being a herald was not bad enough. LOL)


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