[Glaslyn] missing in action

Afan - Central Regional Seneschal grrhine at swbell.net
Sat Oct 27 10:37:29 PDT 2001

Hi everyone...

	Since I just got an e-mail asking whether I am okay (apparently
my absence has been noticed), I thought I would let you all know...
yes, I am fine.

	I have one kid in marching band... If you are a band parent, you
already know what this is like. If you aren't... well it means for a few
months out of the year, I have no life outside of band. That doesn't
mean however, I don't read my personal e-mail... or listen to my
phone messages. If you need to get in touch... I'm still here.

	Today is the last competition of the year, and just a couple
more football games, then I am free again!!! I look forward to seeing
you all soon.

In Service,
Lady Afan ferch Elystan
Central Regional Seneschal

Non locus virum, sed vir locum ornat
(The office does not advance the man in
honour, but the man gives honor to the office)

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