[Glaslyn] populace meeting

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Hi Afan,
Do you have any idea when you may reschedule?  Could I still see the online
copy of your autocrat booklet?
I had intended to e-mail a short bid process handout to Lavina today so she
could make copies for tomorrow since I am unable to attend. (Thanks for
being willing to do this Lavina).  I'd hoped to send it from school, but
that fell through so since the class won't be happening yet, I think I'll
wait to complete the handout and make copies on my own.


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Greetings Glaslyn,

	Unfortunately, not only did I forget that tomorrow was
populace... I am also experiencing vehicle difficulties. The details
are painful (not physically), the story long and boring... so I wont go
there. Suffice to say, I will not be able to attend tomorrow evening,
and thus will not be able to give the class. Any questions? You all
know how to find me.

In Service,

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