[Glaslyn] Steppes Artisan

Chiara chiara at io.com
Thu Aug 22 10:57:08 PDT 2002

Howdy all!

I need some help. There will be a table at Artisan that will be unique and different from all the wonderful beautiful displays of art that is out of this world representing the old European beauty that still exists today. It is called the Doomsday Table.

No it is not about war or peace or even about the end of the world. It is the table where you can sign a waiver and update your information that you want published in a book called the Doomsday.

What kind of information, well let me tell you!
We will need your awards, contact info, persona information, and that is about it. The true main purpose of this book is to help us as a community to be able to contact each other, the secondary purpose is to be able to look at a glance if we are recommending you for an award you may already have.

Many of you have already made your updates and just incase we missed it what we have will be out there for you to correct.

What do I need? Glad you asked! :)

I need two volunteers that I will pamper, and hug, and kiss, and... well I will stop there. Basically, I need help! :)


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