[Glaslyn] [Total] Software - Windows NT

G.R.Rhine grrhine at swbell.net
Mon Jul 1 20:44:49 PDT 2002

I know there has been a problem with this lately. Unfortunately
there is little I can do, other than changing this list that only
subscribers can post. I've spoken with the seneschal, and she has
asked that I not do that, as some SCA information that comes to
this list, comes via people in the Central Region, who are not
necessarily subscribed to this list.

I have banned this particular address from posting to this list again.
That unfortunately, does not mean this will stop. The mail server is
supposed to catch these things. I'm not sure what's going on with
this, but have informed the admins.

Until a more reliable solution presents itself, my best suggestion is:
If it looks like spam, smells like spam, and reads like spam... It's
spam. Spam is what delete buttons were made for.


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