[Glaslyn] Event reopen for bids

Lady Lavina ladylavina at email.com
Fri Jul 12 07:37:41 PDT 2002

Greetings Everyone:

As you are aware, Lady Roana has withdrawn her bid to autocrat our event.  I would like to thank Lady Roana for submitting her bid, and am sorry to learn that she will no longer be able to autocrat the event.

Time is running low as we MUST place an ad in the Black Star if we are to have an event in which we can have court and ask for awards to be handed out.

I understand that since I am the seneschal the ball now falls into my court for a decision.  So here is what I have decided:

1) We will have an event in which we will choose our Artisan, Heavy and Light Defenders and Keepers.

2) We will use the Masonic Lodge in Krum.  This will accommodate everyting but archery - sorry but there is no place affordable in which we can hold an archery event.

3) We still need an autocrat.  Bids are NOW open and I will take the first acceptable bid I receive.  Unless I hear from you otherwise BEFORE July 30, I will run an ad in the BlackStar with details of the event as listed above.

If you have issues/complaints/ideas, etc. etc. regarding this CONTACT ME SOMEHOW!!!

In Service to the Canton,
Lady Lavina, Seneschal

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