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That's great, David. But you light fighters ARE included.  We archers and
artisans are not.  And just to keep the accountants happy, there are at
least 9 of us in the Canton. We are excluded at more events, or tossed the
scraps and bones, than i care to name.  And it is a tragedy that it is
happening again at this event. And more of a tragedy that when a suitable
combined place could not be found, the fighters were willing to ruin it for
the artisans, even though the artisans are more than willing (and often do)
to support the fighting events.

It might also be noted that the phrase you have leapt upon as 'my
resignation' was in a CONFIDENTIAL message to Lady Julianna.  How it became
common property is entirely beyond my poor wits to comprehend.

You get what you earn in this life.  I'm sorry you people insist upon
working for discord and the misery of others to have your own short-term
pleasure.  Many of us Play this Game to do archery, and are not afforded the
ability to do that.  Many of us Play this Game to enjoy the pageantry and
learning of the artisan community.  Well, that's now in question, too.  When
YOU exclude ME from playing, or even from the enjoyment of my version of the
dream, by excluding the things i enjoy from an event, that crosses the line
from pleasure to pain.  So YOU have a nice event, which YOU have excluded ME
from.  That  sure is a lovely dream you have there. However:  You don't see
me crying foul and insisting that there can be no event.  I'm just stating
that i will not be at it.


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> My words were 'i think i need to resign'.  There was no resignation
> from here.  But since you have resigned for me, i will take that as
> symptom of the horrible illness infecting this canton and accept it.  Fare
> thee well.
> Gerita
> If the words "I think I need to resign" is not a resignation I'm not sure
what is. I am sorry to here that this is the way you feel. And you and yours
will be missed in this aspect. The horrible illness that you speek of is
nothing more than people loosing sight of the big picture of the dream, and
the respect of others. To me this has gone quite far much too far, this
might I remind everone is a GAME we play for FUN this is not about artisnes
or fighting this is about FUN. Im sorry that you think that fighters and
artisns cannot have fun together in one setting. Whether we have a artisn
event or combined event is not for me to choise it is not for any one
individual to choise it is for the group as a whole. As far a "The Light
Fighters are councerned (I being the only authorized fighter) here we will
live with whatever the canton choises.

Ld David de la Roke
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