[Glaslyn] name change

G.R.Rhine grrhine at swbell.net
Mon Jul 15 08:02:45 PDT 2002

Having found out, last weekend, my name and device have passed
kingdom, I thought now would be as good a time as any to
announce my name change. I thought about going with something
like Heidindrudis von Zurich... but alas... no!!!

So, the new name (May I have a drum roll, please!) is, Avin'. Yeah,
I know, amazingly different. You are all shocked and gob-smacked.
You'll write home, and tell all your friends. You'll stumble over it for
months, forgetting to call me by this new name. You'll wig out, and
be overwhelmed by the change. :)

At least if you get e-mail, from this new person, claiming to be me,
you'll know. You'll know to deal with it just as you would e-mail from
Afan (which leads to all sorts of possible remarks [you're welcome]

I Am Now (Remain)

~Avin' de Saint-Vaast~
Central Regional Seneschal
Kingdom Calendar Deputy
All 'round groovy chick!

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