[Glaslyn] Thank you

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 17 23:43:42 PDT 2002

I wanted to thank David and Airaklee for submitting a bid this evening.
I also wanted to thank Alisdair for preparing an itemized bid for food.

As we continue to grow, following the bidding process will make things
easier.  More information on how to complete a bid and what is involved in
the entire process will be presented at our August business meeting.  As we
write our financial policy in the next months, we will fine-tune the details
for our group.  Hopefully this knowledge will encourage others to submit
bids for future events.

Again, I thank those who were willing to forge ahead even without those
details.  ;-)

In service,

P.S.  I promise this is the last message this evening.

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