[Glaslyn] Defender/Artisan Decisions

Melinda Turnage ceinwenswan at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 18 06:32:48 PDT 2002

1. Classes?  Yes
2. Schedule?  Looks like it will work as long as we don't go into SCA time.
3. Sideboard time? I think starting to put the food out around 1:00 will
work.  I don't know what the menu is, but preparing food that can be left
out all afternoon would be better so people can graze and we won't have to
worry about any of the food spoiling.
4. Gate Fee - $6 or $7?  $1 difference makes no difference to me.  But if
you strongly feel that the lower fee will give us better attendance, I'm all
for that.

In service,

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