[Glaslyn] Archery Marshals:

ironwyrm@juno.com ironwyrm at juno.com
Sat Jul 27 20:04:02 PDT 2002

Greetings into our Archery Marshals of the Steppes, and Cantons of
Glaslyn & Lindenwood;

If you currently hold a Target Archery Supervising Marshal or Combat
Archery Authorizing Marshals card, and I have not already contacted you
privately, I do request that you contact me privately ASAP.

We are updating the Marshalate Roster and have found several names absent
from the current list.  If your name is not listed with the Marshalate
Secretary your card is not valid.  Please contact me at ironwyrm at juno.com
to confirm your status.

In service,


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