[Glaslyn] Offer on Junk

Nancy Chevalier chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 12:39:52 PDT 2002

Greetings all!

I have just recently inherited a mettal desk that is
an L-shaped sectional with the base piece about five
feet long.  It  would make an excelent work desk or
computer center.  It comes with several drawers and
some sectional pieces for the drawers.

I also have about forty Hobart sanitation crates.
these are the plastic crates that you put the dishes
in to have them washed by the machine.  They are non
sectional and make great storage crates.

I am taking any offer you see reasonable.  I am in a
real negotiable mood on this.  THe desk you'll have to
come get from my house unless you are willing to pay
the cost for a small trailer or someone is willing to
lone me one, because I own a small Ford.(Enough said)
 The crates I can deliver myself.

If you have an further questions call me or email me

Chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
(940) 483-9479
cell- (940)453-9479

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