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chiara chiara at io.com
Sun Sep 1 21:19:58 PDT 2002

I wanted to correct myself on this. It is spelled Domesday, not Doomsday.
Thanks all for understanding. :)

Please send updates to me if you are still having problems on the site that
Rick runs for us.

Ansteorra, Steppes
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> This is your last call to update your doomsday information. Please BOTH
send me your updates and update the webpage,
http://www.neat-stuff.net/steppes/, that Ricardo runs for us.
> There are a few folks that will be slated for removal as either they are
dead, moved away, or have not updated a release form on file.
> I will have a listing of everything I have that will be in the book for
you all to go through and mark out, update, or remove all together. It can
be found at the doomsday book table at Steppes Artisan this weekend. I will
also have release forms with me for anyone to sign.
> This is more than just a phone book of our populace. It is the awards
listing of our populace as well.
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> Chiara
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