[Glaslyn] That Crazy idea again!

Chris Baran chris_baran at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 09:00:57 PDT 2002

Hi all!

Your local Kinght is back again following up on his interesting, perhaps
even crazy! idea!!!  I heard back from the gentleman with the corn maze and
found out that the maze closes on the 4th of Nov. +- one week.  So...our
options are to do something on the weekend of Nov. 15-17 or see if he can
let us in during October 18 - 20.  I have noted these weekends since there
are no local or close events during those times.  Oh yes, he is willing to
work with us on the event.

Since these dates are rapidly approaching, I would like to see some feedback
from the local groups as to their support for this idea.  For those that
missed this the first time, the idea is:  To have a big melee in a corn maze
with both heavy and rapier scenarios.  It would be a one day event with the
only charge being that charged by the owner of the corn maze.  About $5
unless I can talk him down.

I am more than willing to do the coordinating on this but will need someone
else to help me due to my schedule...But before that let me know what you
think on this PLEASE!

Sir Romanius

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