[Glaslyn] Notice of Name Change

Berry Canote bcanote at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 23 14:55:34 PDT 2002

Greetings all!

Seeing that I have not been very satisified with Oswald, I have decided to change my SCA name
to Theodric. As I have not submitted my name yet... this is fairly easy, but I thought I should let
every one know Lady Joan's hubby now goes by a different name. Also if anyone knows of any
easily documented place names circa 700 CE in Mercia, please let me know! I am having a heck
of a time finding one in that specific area (besides Lichfield).

In Service,
Theodric aka Swain, formerly Oswald.
Look at my Resume!
The Ancestors of Berry Towles Canote

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