[Glaslyn] From Your Seneschal

Lady Lavina ladylavina at email.com
Wed Sep 25 06:31:35 PDT 2002

Greetings Everyone:

Do to personal reasons I will be opening up my office at business meeting on October 2.  Bids for the office will close at business meeting on December 4.

If you are interested in being Seneschal, please fill out an application for office which can be found on the Kingdom website:  www.ansteorra.org.  Click the "forms" link and go from there.

You need to send your application to the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Clarissa, with copies to the CR Rengional Seneschal HL Avin, with courtsey copies being sent to Their Excellencies of the Steppes, Baron Fritz and Baroness Catrin.

Cyril, my deputy has agreed to take care of all matters and issues dealing with the seneschals office.  I will be there  more as a deputy to Cyril to help her along, but she will be the one to see regarding any seneschal type issues.

I have things that belong to the Canton and will be passing those items along to Cyril next week before business meeting on Wednesday.  These items can then be counted and included in the Canton inventory.

If you absolutely need to get ahold of me, you know how to find me:  ladylavina at email.com.  I will still be here and will still be around.

It is with a heavy and sad heart that I submit this,
Lady Lavina

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