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Fore warning this is a long email due to listing, but important still the same, so please take time to see if everything is correct.  Below I have the listing from my records for the Central Region.  THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL GULF WAR LIST.  This is for me so that when the offical list is avaliable to me I can make sure that the gulf war list and mine match and correct any problems if any.  It is important that my list is complete so that if there are any discripences they can be corrected before you are at the gate desk wondering why your info is either not there or the info is wrong.  So please scan through this list and make sure that your name is there.  If it is not and you have pre-reg please email the following information and I will had you to the list.
                            SCA Name
                            Mundane Name
                            Tent Size
                            Day Arriving
                            Group Camping with

All names and groups are listed in alphabetical order:

Condoterri: (5)
Cinead O'Hosie (plus 3 children)
Mike Catron

Dragonsfire Tor:(1)
Genevieve de Gamba

Ailgenan mac Aeda Meic Canann
Aislyn of Glynwyrd Fen
Alex of Elfsea
Allesandra Desiderio
Ameline du Bois
Anezka z Rozmitala
Arabella de Montecute
Armand Dragonetti
Armentaria Ambrose
Arnbjorn Ulfsson
Austin of Elfsea
Caelin on Andrea
Chantal d'Lear
Connie Guthridge
Daniel Stewart of Guthrie
Galen of Bristol
Honour du Bois
Irina Moreskaia
Karrick de Castelle
Llywelyn Gruffydd
Margarete del Mare
Richard Fairbourne
Raimond George de Mora
Rebekah of Newcastle
Robbie Mitchell
Samuel Gruffydd
Siobhan UiNiall
Stella Silvana
Timothy of Glastinbury
Whitney Guthridge
Wilim Penbras
Wilken's O'Neil (plus 1)
Xene Theriane

Kael the Lucky

Airaklee Wolf
Ceinwen ferch Rhuel

Loch Ruadh:(55)
Aingeal Mac an Ghabhann
Alan (James Russian)
Alaric Morgenygg
Amber  (Debbie Milligain)
Andra'a Blitzgarden
Anna Caitlin McFerghus
Anna of Loch Ruadh (plus 2 son)
Antigonous "Tiggy" Bearbait
Anwen of Loch Ruadh
Big Guy (Randy New)
Bridhid MacFergus
Caera Mac an Ghabhann
Caerell MacDomnail
Caitlin (Kim Hayes)
Conor na Mara
Constance Colvern
Cormac Mac Domnail
Cyan Ruadh
Daire de Hayn
Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Daniel O'Ceileachair
Daniel the Younger
Dunstan aw Sancte Ptroces Stowe
Elaine of Loch Ruadh
Elizabeth Hawkwood
Fiona Morgenygg
Gabrielle de Luxton
Gimly Svansson
Guestave Blitzgarden
Gwenllian Hertewelle
Jack McKinnon
Just Laura
Leveve McNeil
Morgunn Mac Domnail
Padraig O'Maolaga'in
Polydore Pike
Ranulf of Loch Ruadh
Renee Grosvenor
Robertach "Sluggy" O'Sluaghain
Rolf Sewardson
Sean of Argyll
Seward Olafson
Sybil O'Dowd
Terric of Broken Axe
Vigulf Broken Axe
Vivian McKinnon
Wiley of Asure Hill

Andrea MacRaith
Bradley Wrinkle
Brighid Nic Seward
Christopher of Rosenfeld
Dren MacGuire
Dyan du Lac Calendre
Ean MacRaith
Eric Morrison
Fredrick of Rosenfeld
Fridhur Haralds
Geoffrey Tailor
Gork Kurganoff
Grimvere Longtooth
Isabelot de Forenz
Jamie Cargill
Jeremaih Cargill
Jessica Cargill
Joscelin MacGregor
Julia de Montoya
Justin Cargill
Kendrick de Kentwell
Kilian MacRaith
Logan Metalweaver
Malisia de Molay
Meghann der Krieger
Moia MacGuire
Muriel MacKinnon
Orric Longtooth
Patrick Micheal Gordonne
Randall de Krieger
Vara od Rosenfeld
William de Molay

Abslom of Heredford (Herries)
Aimee' DeLongCoeur
Alessandra di Giovanni
Alienor Lewelyne
Andrew of Alton
Anne the Spinster
Breana Delafyeld
Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofino
Ciard nic Ruadhan O'Seachasaigh
Coenwalh of Magonsaeton
Connor Gray
Dragonson Landreal
Fritz der Rothirsch
Gabriele Honoree de Saint Pierre
Gshlaine of the Steppes
Guyjin San
Jacques the Spink
Jerry MacGregor
Jessica moffett
Jon Rolfsson
Julianna Vertue
Lete Bithespring
Morgan Cain
Sabhbh Inghean Seanain
Shannon Henley
Sherenia Mac Gregor
Stella of Lundeia
Toryn Seven Stiches
William Ironwyrm

Thank you so much for pre-registering, your time, patience, and questions.  If you need any information just let me know.  Agian, thank you!

In Service,
Lady Honour du Bois
Central Region Land Coordinator
Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol

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