[Glaslyn] Gate work days/nights

Kellie Hardy khemail at swbell.net
Wed Feb 5 07:51:00 PST 2003

Greetings everyone,
 I am writing on behalf of Fritz who is away for the week.


The Gulf War Gate crew is travelling to Meridies the weekend of
Valentine's Day to finish erecting the Gate.  We need you to come
along.  Fritz will be leaving Thursday, the 13th in the evening.  There
is room in the truck for you.  If there aren't enough crew mambers, the
Gate won't be erected.  Tragic.....

To that end, the doors and hinges still need to be finished.  A gate is
no good without doors.  Fritz will be working long hours to get this
task completed.  He NEEDS HELP to get it done.  Please come over to our
house anytime day or night on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week
to pitch in.  Please email Fritz directly to let him know when you will
be arriving.  (rhemail at swbell.net) Most skill levels acceptable (if you
are prone to damaging yourself or property, send a friend instead).  If
you have already put in time on this project, thank you very much.
Don't be shy though about coming back.
Thank you in advance for your selfless service.



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